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Jenny's Kimchi

Trio Bundle

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Jenny's Kimchi is handmade freshly everyday to ensure the kimchi you get is as fresh as possible. Jenny’s Kimchi is hand packed in glass bottles with a secure lid to ensure the safety and freshness of the Kimchi.

We use Glass over plastic bottles (even food-grade plastic), because plastic bottles often contain undesirable chemicals that can affect the Kimchi.

Trio Bundle:

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2 cabbage 1 cucumber
2 cabbage 1 radish

For Vegetarians

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Storage and handling tips

  1. Refrigerate the kimchi promptly.
  2. Reduce air contact.
  3. Use clean dry utensils to extract the kimchi from the bottle.
  4. Do not leave in room temperature always keep refrigerated.
  5. Ensure the lid is sealed tightly.