Q: How long will my Kimchi stay fresh after I have opened it?
Enjoy the kimchi freshly in the first 7-14 days when you get it.

Refrigerate it in the fridge at 2 ~ 4°C and make sure the lid is shut properly. This helps to maintain the Kimchi's original taste as well as make sure no air gets into it for too long, causing it to ferment any more.

Q: Does Kimchi have an expiration date? Will it turn bad?
The Kimchi will not spoil but the taste and texture will change after 7-14 days. As long as it is refrigerated properly in the glass bottles closed air tight, it won't go bad.

The longer you keep the kimchi, the tartness of the kimchi gets sharper and the flavour of the kimchi will be more sour. Older kimchi makes great kimchi fried rice or kimchi stew.

Q: What should I do if I prefer Kimchi more sour?
Store it in your fridge for 7-14 days more before enjoying.

Q: What do you do with old Kimchi?
Do check out our recipe page for some cooking ideas! Old kimchi makes great kimchi fried rice or Kimchi stew. 

Q: Is Jenny’s Kimchi pasteurised?
Absolutely not. Jenny’s Kimchi is handmade freshly everyday and it is probiotic. The fermentation process uses all the good bacteria to break down sugars into lactic acid, which gives kimchi its characteristic sourness.

Q: Why does my kimchi taste different?
The age of the Kimchi determines the flavour and texture of the vegetables. It will become tart as kimchi ages. The taste and texture of the kimchi will change after 7-14 days.  When it becomes too tart for your taste you should start to cook your Kimchi in soups and stews.

Q: Do I need to ferment Jenny’s kimchi? Can I eat my Kimchi out of the glass bottle?
Yes, you can eat straight away and it does not require any more fermentation. It is a myth that Kimchi needs to be fermented for a long time before you can eat it. However, it is really down to personal preference in terms of taste, texture and flavour of the kimchi is preferred to be consumed.

Q: I got white mold on my kimchi. Is that normal? What should I do
Getting molds on kimchi is not ideal. This can happen when kimchi is directly exposed to air as it's fermented. Make sure you press down firmly to get rid of any air between kimchi. (Do this every time you take out kimchi from the jar and make sure to use clean dry utensils) Once done ensure the lid is closed tightly.

Q: Is it vegetarian friendly?
No, fish sauce is one of the ingredient. However, we do have vegetarians variants. Please click here to find out more about the ingredients used.

Q: Is there a minimum order for delivery?
Nope! It is a flat $3 for islandwide delivery with no minimum order.
We do have free delivery for single order above $30.

Q: Once order placed, when will I receive my order?
We do delivery on every Monday and Thursday.